NYXL Community Spotlight: John “Metlover” Edwards

Being a New York sports fanatic from Atlanta might cause a double take (or two), but Metlover lives and breathes New York sports. His passion exudes through the respective sports communities with his moderation efforts for both the Mets and NYXL subreddits.

John “Metlover” Edwards is far from the NYXL community base but is an integral part of the fanbase. Between studying literature, communications and media at Georgia Tech, writing part-time about baseball and being a superfan of New York sports teams, Edwards somehow still finds time to be an active moderator on both the Mets and NYXL subreddits. We sat down with Edwards to talk Overwatch, OWL and how his passions give back to NYXL.


Edwards has been a moderator of the NYXL subreddit since the start. Shortly after the announcement of the franchise, he checked out /r/NYXL “on a hunch” and found what was a not-yet-launched subreddit owned by NYXL staff members. Edwards reached out to offer help, and he dove right in and laid the groundwork for creating the style, writing the rules and upholding them. Now, he is a crucial part of the activity on the subreddit, and the rest is history.

With an alias like Metlover, it’s clear that Edwards’ passion is in the New York sporting scene. Edwards is a Mets fan because his local minor league baseball team, Norfolk Tides, was the AAA affiliate of the Mets. On Reddit, Edwards said, “a lot of my writing skill and discipline was developed writing posts and researching for debates about baseball.” He added that, although the Reddit arguments were often petty like debating who should be the first baseman (“The correct answer was Lucas Duda, by the way,” he said), these posts were integral to his growth as a writer and community member. “I really enjoy meshing with the fans, and creating a forum for engagement is a great way to do that,” he said.

Edwards believes in grassroots movements within the scene, stating that the 5 Deadly Venoms is his highlight of the community so far. With more communities like this popping up and people like Edwards staying true to the scene, our community bond is only going to strengthen in the future.