Thank you

After a memorable season, we look back on the ups and downs and give thanks to the people who supported us through it all.

To our dedicated fans:

When the season kicked off, we had no idea what to expect. A city-based esports league had never been done before at this scale—we were all treading uncharted territory. But when the team took the stage and asked for support, you answered loud and clear: “Go, New York, go, New York, go!” You gave us purpose and inspired us to do our very best.

Since then, we’ve been in continuous awe of your passion. We’ve treasured your artwork, your messages of support, and your uplifting presence at the Blizzard Arena. You backed us up when the going got tough and cheered for us when we dominated on the field. You even braved the elements and showed up in great numbers at our both meet-and-greet at Citi Field and our pop-up store in Brooklyn. You have no idea how much your love and compassion has meant to us.

We’d also like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped make the season the amazing spectacle that it was—that means all the casters, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, and everyone else whose hard work allowed this season to run so smoothly and seamlessly. None of this would have been possible without such a committed Overwatch League team behind the scenes.

So here’s to all the moments throughout the season that we got to share with you: every peak and valley, every payload and capture point, every win and loss. Together, we’ve made the first season of the Overwatch League one of the most memorable and spectacular esports events in history. Thanks so much for sticking with us until the very end.

Ever upward.