Excelsior skyline

New York Excelsior

Excelsior, meaning 'ever upward' in Latin - is inspired by the everyday heroism of New York, the place where people never give up and always reach for the top. The shorthand NYXL evokes New York at its strongest: the place of bigger buildings, bigger dreams, more hustle and more soul. Colors of midnight and electric blue are inspired by the confident strength and energy of New York City, while the flag logo represents different people, cultures, and ideas coming together to reach new heights.
New York City, NY
Jjonak - Seong-Hyun Bang
Jjonak Seong-Hyun Bang
Ark - Yeon-Jun Hong
Ark Yeon-Jun Hong
Flower - Yeono Hwang
Flower Yeono Hwang
Nenne - Yeon Gwan Jeong
Nenne Yeon Gwan Jeong
Anamo - Tae-Sung Jung
Anamo Tae-Sung Jung
Libero - Hae-Seong Kim
Libero Hae-Seong Kim
Saebyeolbe - Jong-Ryeol Park
Saebyeolbe Jong-Ryeol Park